Thursday, February 10, 2011

Free(ish) business cards have arrived!

I got my cards that I ordered for free via's collaboration with Etsy. I can't say I love them..but I like them a lot. I guess the only reason I'm not in love with them is that when you're setting them up, they look so photo-ish. I understand they're not going to be like printing pics from a kodak kiosk, but after seeing them on the website like that while editing it's like my brain just loved them that way, and it's a little sad that they're not like that in person.

 I will warn that the enhance picture option they have brings out any inconsistencies in editing you may have done yourself. As a complete n00b in photoshop, I found this out via my skill (or lack there of) in using the dodge tool to get rid of the background. You can see shadows on the cards. I'm very glad I learned this lesson on a free sample.

They are pretty pricey for full sized business cards, so I'm glad I got this deal to check them out before dumping all that $ on something I wasn't sure about. I think I'll go for Moo's mini-cards next time, they're pretty cute and I could even use them as tags right on my products.

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